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The sci-fi scale: what makes a film ‘science fiction’?

What is science fiction all about? The sci-fi scale is my attempt to answer the question, and understand why it’s particularly tricky to pin down.

Bleak car park - deserted, blue tones and stormy sky

Story of our times: the tragedy of S-Town

A true-life tale from the makers of This American Life and Series, S-Town has been called devastating, heart-breaking and troubling – with good reason.

Man viewing art in a gallery

What is Art?

The problem with definitions is that they evoke a binary choice: yes or no; is it or isn’t it? That can be useful when identifying insects or trees, but less helpful in thinking about human experience, which is a broad and shared thing. And what is art if not the voice of existence?

Car dashboard at night

Whose line is it, anyway? Muriel Spark’s The Driver’s Seat

Spark subverts the romantic adventure, in which boy must pursue girl and win her round through persistence.