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Words which sound similar but have very different histories: Cervix, Service, Surface and Survey

What do Cervix and Survey have in common? Nothing except some bonkers examples of etymology in action.

Partially coloured b&w photo from TV series Chips

TV series CHiPs explained everything about the show in the opening credits

80’s TV series CHiPs – the adventures of two motorcycle cops on the LA freeways – may not have bothered with an introductory voice over, but it still told you everything you needed to know about the show in just over 60 seconds.

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From starve to snow: word histories to delight and astound

Why is ‘starve’ connected to snow? What’s the military meaning behind the magazines you read? And what’s so ‘great’ about Tuesday?

2 pictures that sum up sexism in YouTube comments

ND (Neutral Density) filters screw onto the front of your camera’s lens to reduce the amount of light that hits the sensor, balancing out scenes with extreme variations of brightness and darkness. However, boobs are your most important bit of kit, the Internet explains.

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Why Indian soap operas are like Shakespeare’s plays

Indian soap operas – like Thapki Pyar Ki – are more like Shakespeare’s plays as they would have been experienced in Elizabethan England: cheap, quick and populist.