Black and white landscape - clouds and fells seen from Caldbeck, Cumbria

Line of beauty, heart of darkness – a Percy Kelly retrospective

“It’s England, and I love England,” Cumbrian-born artist Percy Kelly once said. His work went much deeper than that, conveying a dark sense of self and the North.

Loose Associations (TPG), Cathedral of the Pines edition

A grand madness: Cathedral of the Pines

I’m almost convinced I’m being catfished: Cathedral of the Pines is almost too good to believe, or too real to be believable.

Creepy rocking chair

Film review: Mother!

Mother! will doubtless be called a Marmite movie: you’ll either love it or hate it. I think it’s more like vegan egg: you have a vague idea what it’s meant to be, but it’s just not quite palatable.

Bleak car park - deserted, blue tones and stormy sky

Story of our times: the tragedy of S-Town

A true-life tale from the makers of This American Life and Series, S-Town has been called devastating, heart-breaking and troubling – with good reason.