About me

That's me

In a nutshell

I’m a freelance writer and editor. I play the violin. I think about words a lot.

In a backpack

  • NTCJ-qualified in sub-editing
  • Former editor of The Push Guides (print/web student series)
  • Write The Money Charity’s annual Student Moneymanual
  • Provide digital support and produce parenting / family content for Action for Children
  • Am a writer/editor & press officer at Save the Student
  • I’m on the Board of Trustees at Carlisle Eden Mind: they do brilliant things to support mental health needs in Cumbria.

The suitcase edition

I currently live in Cumbria, up a hill and along from the River Eden – hence the blog’s address.

I’ve worked in journalism and publishing for around 20 years, and started out writing film reviews for free. Which is probably why I still do it (if slightly surrealy) on the blog. I also post reviews on IMDB – though good luck tracking them down.

This site is just my personal stuff: random musings, chin stroking, and the photos I took along the way.

To read my published – and probably more useful – writing, see my professional portfolio.