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A view of the news: what is it?

A view of the news is a bit of a Brexit baby.

I regularly read the news across a number of publications, and find it fascinating that what gets readers in a spin over at the Guardian just isn’t what people are lathering up about over at the Daily Mail. That’s nothing new of course but, lately, it’s as if people see the same event from opposing view points, with opinions that just can’t meet in the middle. Or worse, they don’t see the same event at all. Case in point: Brexit.

The referendum in 2016 took a lot of people by a lot of surprise and, yeah, you could say we’re a divided nation after the fact. But the debate and denigration that’s gone on since then isn’t just about seeing things differently, but often a total blindness towards opposing beliefs, values and world views.

If that worries you, you might want to read a number of news sites, in order to gain a more balanced world view. But what if, instead of newspapers making it easy to compare and contrast information about the most important issues of the day, you’re left with globules of partisan politics and no counter argument? Newspapers and news sites may cover the same event from vastly differing perspectives – and sometimes, not at all.

So that’s what this is, in no grand manner: a log of what the papers say, according to their lead stories. I’ve logged five headlines from the five most read UK newspapers because, allegedly, what the papers say is what the people think. Or is it?

Read all about it.

NEWS IN brief

  • Newspapers ranked by total readership according to the National Readership Survey
  • This is just a snapshot of the news, not a news feed: it’s just ‘5 of 5’ for now.
  • People get their news from a vast array of sources online but I’m sticking with newspaper sites, as that’s what interests me.
  • For now there’s no schedule; it’s pretty ad hoc
  • All of the above may or may not change; this is either a work in progress or major procrastination.

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