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2 pictures that sum up sexism in YouTube comments

ND (Neutral Density) filters screw onto the front of your camera’s lens to reduce the amount of light that hits the sensor, balancing out scenes with extreme variations of brightness and darkness. At least, that’s SOME of what I took away from my YouTube investigations …

I haven’t linked to the videos in question but the comments (screen shots and text below) are self explanatory. Both videos explain how to use and get the most from ND filters – no more and no less.



YouTube comments on a video presented by a man stick to his knowledge, not his body

In case you missed it:

“I hadn’t ever thought about the longer exposure’s ability to re-establish the presence of reflections in rippling water. I’m going to have to try this with my large format work. Thanks for the tips.”

“Superb explanation thankyou”

“This is the video that got me to subscribe to your channel. Relaxed, packed with useful information and well presented.”

“A great video! It was all I needed.”

“I like how you broke down the different stops. Good Video!”

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge mate :-)”


sexism in YouTube comments aimed a female photographer
Who say what now?

“We need a tutorial about your boobs”

“mega boobs, sorry what was the theme in this video? xD”

“Mmmm..I’D like to get my hands on those filters….Umm sorry…what was that again?”

“Oohh! great boobs. i dont understand what she is saying. i cant stop staring at the boobies. they’re so yummy.”

“Yes i think its Ellie Goulding sister hehehe”

“oh god I’m rewatching this :(( ..”

“I like the way she says, “screw.”

“eye contact level 9000”

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Sexism by YouTube. Disdain my own. Lips photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

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